Chicago Techies Podcast

The Chicago Techies Podcast highlights local Chicago Techies. Our hope is that people can identity with our guests stories & experiences, and find themselves a little less alone.


Season 2

Episode 24

Yuyang Zhang, Entrepreneur & Co-founder

Episode 25

Coming Soon

Episode 22

Michelle Ramirez, SDE Intern

Episode 23

Mariela Villalva, Tech Solutions Coordinator

Episode 20

Amy Hua, Software Engineer Intern

Episode 21

Carlos Rodriguez, Technical Project Manager Intern

Episode 18

Dillon Chappell, Aspiring Software Developer

Episode 19

Jason Guzman, Aspiring Cloud Engineer

Episode 16

Marianella Osorio, Graduate Research Assistant at DePaul University

Episode 17

Cecilia Avila, Graduate Program Assistant at Break Through Tech Chicago


Season 1

Episode 1

Ximena Cortez, Quality Engineer at Kenna Security

Episode 2

Rishabh Krishna, Senior Software Engineer at Enova

Episode 3

Noemi Romero, Customer Quality Engineer at 4Degrees

Episode 4

Tori Meschino, Experience Designer at Bounteous

Episode 5

Serigo Serrato, Head of Product, Survey at Civis Analytics

Episode 6

Deja Baker, Software Engineering Instructor at General Assembly

Episode 7

Jane Yang, Senior Data Analyst at Basecamp

Episode 8

Mitch Fischer, Software Engineering at Enova & Board Member at Main Street Codes

Episode 9

Carmer Saenz, Senior DevOps Engineer at PEAK6 Investments

Episode 10

Christian Guajardo, Digital Marketing Specialist at Forager

Episode 11

Yvonne Gonzalez, Account Executive (Multicultural Public Relations) at ICF Next

Episode 12

Safa Shameem, Senior Analyst, Implementations at Amount

Episode 13

Oscar Delgadillo, Software Engineer at Mastery Logistics Systems

Episode 14

Osvaldo Montelongo, Founder & CEO at ConnectCareHero

Episode 15

Cecilia Fischer-Benitez, Program Specialist at Code for America

About the Chicago Techies Podcast:

Chicago Techies is a podcast that highlights the voices of Chicago Techies. Our hope is that people can identify with these stories & experiences, and find themselves a little less alone.

About our host: Ceci Fischer-Benitez

Ceci is a Network Specialist at Code for America. With a background covering Education, Recruiting, and Outreach, Ceci brings a multidisciplinary approach to her work. Prior to joining Code For America, she was a Senior Tech Learning Coordinator at a FinTech company and prior to transitioning to the Tech sector, she worked for 5 years in Education as Director of Recruitment & Retention in the south side of Chicago.

Outside of work, Ceci serves on the local government’s Cook County Council on Digital Equity. Ceci is also a Chicago Tech community organizer leading chapters for Latinas in Tech and Chicago. When she is not helping to build communities, Ceci enjoys spending time with her wife, traveling, hiking, and podcasting.


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